What Michelle's clients are saying:

Have you ever found yourself in a successful executive position – great title, great salary – and yet, you still felt completely lost? I was there - the ground beneath my feet gone. My counselor was helpful, but what was missing from those conversations was focusing specifically on my career.  Michelle was my guide back to confidence. She asked the right questions, she reframed my thoughts and got me back to focusing on how I have been successful all along.  She helped me remember that the very steps I took to get the powerful career I was in made me courageous and brave and that I could take new ones to send me down the path I wanted to be on. Michelle is a coach, a friend, an adviser and a mirror all wrapped up into one package which has successfully moved me to action. 


Flagstaff, Arizona

Working with Michelle has proven to be a boon both personally and professionally. Michelle and I worked on setting goals and pushing my work out of the rut in which it had been. Along the way Michelle supported and encouraged me to be more productive, and she worked with me to identify and begin to address some of the things that were preventing me from accomplishing more. I’m happy to say I exceeded the goals we set this year, and I look forward to pushing myself even harder next year. 


Fort Worth, Texas

Coaching with Michelle facilitated a peaceful co-existence between who I am as a woman, mother, partner, volunteer, and attorney.  When I started coaching with Michelle, I was feeling anxious at work - like I could not get on top of my caseload - and was not sufficiently present in my personal life.  Michelle's coaching sessions helped me identify the root of my anxiety and disconnection at home.  By incorporating her guidance, I have increased my productivity and efficiency, I have clarity around my priorities, I have significantly decreased my work anxiety, I have found my (authentic) voice as a leader, and I understand myself better.  I am calmer, more efficient, and more present.     


Boulder, Colorado

My sessions with Michelle enabled me to break down what seemed to me a mountain of tasks and helped me recognize what were my self inflicted roadblocks and how to push through them.  Talking through everything with Michelle, I also was able to acknowledge my strengths out loud and see my capability through recharged eyes.  Our sessions were inspiring, encouraging and most importantly motivational.  I am very thankful for the coaching I received and know it was essential to my business launch.


Louisville, Colorado

A few months ago, I found myself at a career crossroads.  I abruptly lost my job which forced me to take a hard look at my career path and what would be next for me.  This transition has been very difficult, and I am so grateful to have Michelle by my side to help me navigate through the worst time in my working career.  She helps me with interview prep, job searching, and keeping the focus on what is best for me.  "Everything you need is already inside you", and she helps me find those answers.  She is great at listening and then bringing me back to the positive & productive.  After every session I stand a lot taller and feel like I am ready to take on the world!  Michelle is a kind heart, a brave soul and an incredibly talented career coach that I could not live without...  not just now, but for the rest of my working career!


Boulder, Colorado